A family run company based out of Asheville, North Carolina.

We are dedicated to bringing the highest Quality Cannabidiol flowers at the lowest price possible.

We strive to stay earth focused by using eco-tubes made from recycled ingredients.

Our quality standards are the highest possible, following Cannalina QMS (quality management system) relies on procedures and standard operating procedures for every step of product design and manufacturing.


Cannalina’s QMS also uses ISO (international organization for standardization) guidelines for risk management, batch control, post-market surveillance and compliant handling, modeled after ICH Q9 and ISO 14971.


Full accountability from soil to sale.

Third party testing.


 All our products are shipped with a batch record and 3rd party analytical test results for that exact batch.


This gives our customers unparalleled transparency on the product quality and potency and represents a higher standard than mandated by the FDA and ISO/CE for pharmaceutical products.


Cannalina follows strict CGMP (current good manufacturing practice) for our dietary supplements and other products based on the latest FDA, CE and ISO standards.