From small home gardens to large farms, whether a novice gardener or wishing to transition a huge farm to organic agiculture,, we can help. Whether it is hemp or medicinal/recreational cannabis(where legal), or tomatoes, turnips, Brussels sprouts or beets, the quality of your marketable product, or the food on your table, is dictated by your cultivation method. The nutrient density, and the flavors and aromas, and growing ANY plant to its fullest genetic potential, can only be accomplished with organic/probiotic/biodynamic/natural farming methods. There's no way any scientist can recreate the exact nutritional needs of each plant in a laboratory. With our gardening methods, we dont feed the plant, we feed the soil whose microbiology in turn feeds the plant, mimicking nature but providing every element and compound needed by the plant. When a closed loop regenerative farm using permaculture methods is your goal, we can assist with this as well, showing you how to change the soil structure with which organic matter in order to accomplish your goals. Reducing water usage, increasing nutrient density, reducing overhead, reducing environmental impact, and reducing reliance on store bought fertilizers or pesticides. What we can do......................... Increase water retention and reduce water usage Prevent, diagnose, and treat pest and pathogen issues in a very environmentally sound manner. Balance the microbiology, which is the key to all organic gardening. Improve soil tilth and increase yields and quality of produce, nutritional density. Increase the bioavailability of nutrients in animal feed, thereby reducing costs, and reducing waste and odor using basic biological processes. Create designated compost and/or bokashi areas to create proper compost with excess organic matter(crop residues and animal waste) Create a permaculture-based closed loop regenerative farm, with no reliance on synthetic or even store-bought "organic" fertilizers and pesticides. Reduce overhead, increase profit, mitigate environmental impact, enhance flavors and aromas and colors. Above all, we can teach you to do these things, and even teach you to teach yourself using the basics we teach you and your own logic and reasoning.